Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Karl Slym - A Tragedy utterly pointless

All of 51 years old.
MBA from Stanford.
Sloan fellow.
CV that reads like running down the list of Fortune 500.
Toyota, GM, GM Europe, face of GM in India, stint in Shanghai, handpicked by Ratan Tata to be the MD of Tata Motors.
A gifted athlete.
A sharp mind that can sieve the surplus from the bane of modern management, PowerPoint presentations.
And ask pertinent questions, usually unanswerable.
It comes as a shock to hear the news.
If you have an argument with your wife over “domestic issues”, there are million ways to solve them.
To start with you could have thrown her out of the window.
What is my takeaway? What will make a man happy? How much wealth is needed before one can say it is safe now? Read about the need for a “healthy dose of madness” in The Guardian today in an unrelated story.
That is what is missing in the world today, if someone were to ask me.
We take life seriously, too seriously.
So what if something is screwed up. What is un-mendable in this universe? Let us spend some time to fix it. If it is not fixable, let’s move on.
Death is too final, irreversible. No one can avoid it. What is the point in inviting it? Isn’t it too scary to end it all? Why attempt something that can’t be corrected or improved?
Makes me wonder……………….
In the meantime TML will do well if they put all their top honchos in the ground floor.

Friday, January 10, 2014


Thanksgiving (A little late)
I am 48. One reaches this age and ends up developing a profile. People know you as a person with certain traits or they realize them as they get to know you. I was taking stock on what defines me and more importantly who played a role in that which defines me. Here I am thanking them.
Interest in reading                                          My brother Raja, Stanley Paul Memury and Sethu
Interest in Music                                            Pattabhi, Stanley Paul Memury
Desire to write                                               John Irving (and he does not even know that I exist)
Obsession with Single Malt                            Manoj Joglekar
Photography                                                 Radu Ciocirlie
Working out                                                 Cristi Macovei, Anoop
How to stay young at heart                           Nanavati, Vivek, Hrishi, Narendiran, my children
Football                                                       Sai       
How to stay close w/o being overbearing      Shilpa and Abhishek
Stopped watching Cricket                            BCCI
Stopped watching women tennis                   Williams sisters
Tennis                                                          McEnroe and Federer.
Writers who influenced most                         Maugham, Irving, Fowles, Orwell and Wodehouse
Music that influenced most                            Pink Floyd
Everything that is good                                  Mangalam
Everything deplorable                                   Self
Rediscovered Beer                                       Pilsner Urquell

Biking                                                          Anoop and Hanka