Tuesday, December 30, 2014

(PK) - Pseudo Kovoor

(Spoiler Alert – Those who intend to see the film and prefer not knowing stuffs before they see the film – refrain from reading – You are welcome to read it after seeing the film – either to agree with me or take me to the laundry – either way I don’t care J )

Disclaimer – If anyone gets a feeling that here is a disciple of Bajrang Dal, RSS or VHP jumping into the bandwagon of PK bashing on religious sentiments – I am a confirmed atheist and I have no religious affiliations)

The title of the blog is a result of some credit somewhere that says the title role is inspired by the life of Abraham Kovoor – poor guy must be turning in his grave right now!

I can probably fill out this blog plugging holes in the story so much it will resemble a tea strainer when I finish. I tried doing that in 3 Idiots but quite a few did not like it.

I can probably dismiss this as another mindless entertainment and leave it at that.

I should.

I would have too if I had not been nettled by many going gaga over the film, how it unmasked the god men, how Aamir is a perfectionist et al.

Let me take them one by one.

There are more than few hundred movies in which god men were projected thus.

The backbone of a Hindi action flick is of a wronged protagonist fighting against the eternal evil trio – the scheming politician, the immoral god man and the corrupt police officer. In all those films all of them stood exposed at the end.

Well…. Not stood exposed, felled actually!!!

So what is so great about exposing another god man? Was there anything path breaking or fascinating in depicting the ways of the devious god man or exposing him?

Tapasvi’s congregation is a Ctrl C + Ctrl V of Baba Ramdev’s mass yoga gatherings. The film makers should have given BR some title credits: P

The lectures and discourses dispensed by Tapasvi could have come from a Wikipedia search and taking the first paragraph that you happen to read.

It is already a small scale industry in India calling Aamir a perfectionist.

He can do nothing wrong.

Whatever he does is great.

Honestly if you ask me I found nothing extraordinary in his acting. To walk around wide-eyed, chewing paan, with an unnatural gait of not swinging your arms as you walk or run – do they amount to great acting?

And how difficult is it to sit on a sofa and cry?

Regarding the various religious practices and customs mocked in the movie – it will be better not to comment on them.

The confusion of conflicting practices is a decent laugh though. (Coconut and agarbathis in a church, wine to a masjid)

But the contrast between Hindu – Muslim traditions are as old as the religion itself. (Sun: Moon, Multiple gods: Single God, Idol worship: No statues and so on…)

The lovable rogue Munna Bhai is wasted in a meaningless cameo.

The usual suspects all arrive and depart contributing nothing. Boman is wasted in a character without depth. (Dr. Ashthana was fabulous, Lucky the builder was perfection personified and Virus was impeccable too but this one – Meh! Is it Cherry or Jerry?)

The songs are a drag, the dialogues lack the wit that stemmed from the pen of Abbas Tyrewala and there is a complete lack of freshness which is the greatest disappointment coming from Mr. Hirani.

Rating: 1/5

The stoning can begin :P

One last question – are there really so many people having sex in their cars? I have been an early morning jogger and a late night walker and I am yet to see one such incident. Maybe I am walking the wrong roads J