Sunday, November 15, 2015

Failure !

I was talking to a child
I asked the following question.
Could you please tell me the opposite of a word if I ask you?
Yes, answered the child. It followed thus
Black         White
Day           Night
Good         Bad
Life           Death
India          Pakistan
Christian      Muslim
I can see a tragedy
But who failed here?
What follows is my thought process
Not a doctrine, not a recommendation not even a comment
We are walking into the trap of the compulsive need to categorize and generalize
Why do we have to see a person with
-    Religion
-    Nationality
-    Race
To form an opinion and nurse a relationship
Again my belief
We need to see only if the person is
Kind or not

As any act that you initiate and do that is soaked in kindness can NEVER be wrong.

Thursday, November 5, 2015


If famous people made it to Asterix  (Like Assange as Confoundtheirpolitix  )
I received my copy of the latest Asterix by post today and thought I should post this before I lose myself in the new adventure 

1. Tim Cook                        Borrowtheapplix
2. Pope Francis Reformix
3. Narendra Modi Travellix
4. Bill Gates                       Programix
5. Mark Zuckerberg              Facebookix
6. Vladimir Putin Damntheworldix
7. Angela Merkel Totalcontrolix
8. Barack Obama Grandspeechix
9. Larry Page                    Googlix
10. Lincoln Abolishslaveix
11. Mother Teresa Careforthesickix
12. Martin Luther King  Haveadreamix
13. Md Ali Punchix
14. Columbus                   Nosenseofdirectionix
15. Elvis Presley Pelvix
16. Leo Tolstoy                 Epicvolumeix
17. Pablo Picasso Cubix
18. Oprah Winfrey Nonstoptalkix
19. J K Rowling Hogwartix
20. Pele                          Soccerix
21. Jesse Owens Tetraaurix
22. Henry Ford                 Anycoloryoulikeix
23. Oscar Wilde Sarcastix
24. Alfred Hitchcock           Suspensix
25. Sigmund Freud            Onthecouchix