Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Is it Life?

You are born
You exist
And you die
Is it life?

You argue
You fight
And you shout
Is it life?

You gather
You collect
And not scatter
Is it life?

You long
You lust
And yet not love
Is it life?

You lie
You cheat
And you trick
Is it life?

You talk
You advice
And not listen
Is it life?

When you are gone…..
Will there be stories that will be part of the folklore?
Will there be lives that could never get back to normalcy?
Will there be joy at the mention of your name?
Will there be smiles at a mere recollection of you?
Will there be gratitude that is un-repayable?
Will there be a tree that you planted, still bearing fruits?
Will there be a song that reminds someone of you?
Will there be a place that someone will never visit again?
Will there be someone who will not remove your number from the contacts?
Will there be someone still talking to you when no one is looking?
If yes, then you had lived!

Monday, May 23, 2016

Why I love Music

When you are happy, you have a song
When sad, another.
When tired, there is that special one to pep you up
And relaxing is not complete without a special song.
And you have a song for each of your friends
And one when someone is leaving
There is a hello song
A good bye song
A celebration song
A song for your first love
A song for your wife/ husband (in case the two are different :) )
A song to wake up to
A song to drift to your sleep
A song when you are drinking
And another when you are drunk
A song for your treadmill
A song when working out
A song for family reunion
A song for the bachelor party
A song that will make you dance
A song that will make you smile, does not matter when/what
And we all have that one song, in a language that we do not understand.
Is there another thing in the world that is so versatile as a song or simply music.

Saturday, May 21, 2016

Woman, you should be a girl soon. (Inspired by Neil Diamond)

Woman, you should be a girl soon!

Remember the time when rains meant
Jumping into puddles, splashing dirt
Getting wet, face upward welcoming sheets of water
And not looking for umbrellas, removing clothes from balcony
Anxious about children who are not at/yet home!!
Woman, you should be a girl soon!

Remember the times when cinema meant
Popcorn, oily unhealthy savories,
Dressing up, first-day-first-show
And not preparing dinner before leaving
Dozing off once the film starts
Woman, you should be a girl soon.

Remember the times when friends meant
Gossiping, bitching about your friends,
Swooning over Brad Pitt, discussing books
And not organizing a tea party,
Matching chinaware, talk about children’s academics
Woman, you should be a girl soon.

Remember the times when shopping meant
Clothes, 49/99 jewelry, second-hand book shops
Smelling those books over the end of shopping coffee
With the inevitable masala dosa at Indian Coffee Board
And not groceries, milk, uniforms, stationery
Gather all that is “on sale”, plants, toiletry
Woman, you should be a girl soon.

Remember the times when relaxing meant
Just jump on your bed, hammock, whatever
With a book in hand and turn off the world.
Not putting in so many efforts, to finish chores
That you actually pass out.
Woman, you should be a girl soon.

And please remember your husband/lover fell in love with the
Girl , not the woman.
Woman, you should be the girl soon.

Sunday, May 8, 2016

Happiness is..........

Happiness is
-     Polish the pan off the remnants (2 hours after the meal)
-     Seeing a drop of sweat fall to the ground, after a workout
-     Smelling a new book
-     Smelling an old book
-     Finding the exact page in your fav book
-     Seeing the photograph coming out better than you expected/intended
-     Seeing sarcasm not registering
-     Another friend noticing the same and making a quick eye contact
-     Surprising children
-     Assembling a DIY furniture and not finding unused parts at the end
-     Finding the dog inside your duvet in the middle of the night
-     The first cycle ride of each year
-     Able to remember the lyrics of a song that you hear after 10 years
-     The sweet smell of a single malt
-     The taste of the hop in your Pilsner
-     Deserted mountains
-     Cooking
-     Losing weight
-     Drilling an extra hole to tighten your belt
-     Sharing tees with your son/daughter