Sunday, May 8, 2016

Happiness is..........

Happiness is
-     Polish the pan off the remnants (2 hours after the meal)
-     Seeing a drop of sweat fall to the ground, after a workout
-     Smelling a new book
-     Smelling an old book
-     Finding the exact page in your fav book
-     Seeing the photograph coming out better than you expected/intended
-     Seeing sarcasm not registering
-     Another friend noticing the same and making a quick eye contact
-     Surprising children
-     Assembling a DIY furniture and not finding unused parts at the end
-     Finding the dog inside your duvet in the middle of the night
-     The first cycle ride of each year
-     Able to remember the lyrics of a song that you hear after 10 years
-     The sweet smell of a single malt
-     The taste of the hop in your Pilsner
-     Deserted mountains
-     Cooking
-     Losing weight
-     Drilling an extra hole to tighten your belt
-     Sharing tees with your son/daughter

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