Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Is it Life?

You are born
You exist
And you die
Is it life?

You argue
You fight
And you shout
Is it life?

You gather
You collect
And not scatter
Is it life?

You long
You lust
And yet not love
Is it life?

You lie
You cheat
And you trick
Is it life?

You talk
You advice
And not listen
Is it life?

When you are gone…..
Will there be stories that will be part of the folklore?
Will there be lives that could never get back to normalcy?
Will there be joy at the mention of your name?
Will there be smiles at a mere recollection of you?
Will there be gratitude that is un-repayable?
Will there be a tree that you planted, still bearing fruits?
Will there be a song that reminds someone of you?
Will there be a place that someone will never visit again?
Will there be someone who will not remove your number from the contacts?
Will there be someone still talking to you when no one is looking?
If yes, then you had lived!


  1. Its so beautiful and touching ..had tears in my eyes after reading it.. Lost someone very dear and can relate to each and every line

    1. Awwwwww - such a nice thing to say
      Thanks a lot
      About losing someone dear , let me send you a link to another blog post of mine :)
      A man for all emotions :)

    2. here

  2. Beautiful. We all "know" the emotions mentioned but capturing those in such a simple and beautiful way gives meaning to that "knowing". One thing Stranger, you don't remain "Stranger" when you pen these touching lines

    1. Touched and I stand humbled....and nice to know this stranger is stranger only to few :)