Monday, May 23, 2016

Why I love Music

When you are happy, you have a song
When sad, another.
When tired, there is that special one to pep you up
And relaxing is not complete without a special song.
And you have a song for each of your friends
And one when someone is leaving
There is a hello song
A good bye song
A celebration song
A song for your first love
A song for your wife/ husband (in case the two are different :) )
A song to wake up to
A song to drift to your sleep
A song when you are drinking
And another when you are drunk
A song for your treadmill
A song when working out
A song for family reunion
A song for the bachelor party
A song that will make you dance
A song that will make you smile, does not matter when/what
And we all have that one song, in a language that we do not understand.
Is there another thing in the world that is so versatile as a song or simply music.

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