Wednesday, June 29, 2011

When the grass is not green...........

You are sixteen going on seventeen staying on sixteen
Baby, it's time to think
Better beware, be canny and careful
Baby, you're on the brink

Circle Of Life :)

I was feeling sick
I went to the doctor
Paid him his fees
He has to live, you see;

Took the prescription
Went to the pharmacy
Bought the medicines
The chemist also needs to live, you see;

Went home
Took all the medicines
And consigned them to the dustbin
I also need to live, you see:

The idea came from my friend, Ioan Lungu

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Limba Romana

Thanks to my friends, particularly Sandhu Podea, one chapter from my novel has been translated and found its way to this journal. The journal looks really full of heavyweights.
You can find the link here.
Page numbers 78 to 80.

Thursday, June 23, 2011


Prior to this movie I did not know that Jackie Shroff could act.

The background score is one of the best I had listened to in recent times. If there was any doubt about the pedigree of Yuvan Shankar Raja, it can be laid to rest. He is the Maestro’s son- no doubt about it.

It is a pity that those who do not know Tamil, the real Tamil, spoken in the lanes of Madras, will miss out on a significant aspect of the movie.

Subtitle is no solution. How do you put subtitle to use in situations like,

Sidekick to Pasupathy, after the latter talks to some woman on his phone.
“Yaaru, Anniya?”
Pasupathy replies “Illai *****”

Even the lip movement is not needed to understand. And for those who do not, subtitle will not be of any help.

There are no songs, not even in the background, as scenes or actions unfold. Songs are not needed for this movie, but having watched Shaitan recently, I am wondering if the director missed out on, what could have been, a huge +. Imagine the effect of a remix of an old classic at some pivotal points.

Guru Somasundaram who plays Kaalaiyan is a rage. Any other actor nominated along with him for a particular category can kiss his chances goodbye. Again, the pity is the need of Tamil to appreciate his role.

Few gems
“Yeichiputtangada saamy”
“Saarayam vaangi kudhuttavan samy mathiri”
To his son “aana onnuda enga appanai vuda unga appan butthisaali”
“Sonnanda, appave josiyan sonnan, udambu muzhukka ennai-yai theichittu urunda kooda udambula oru mannu ottadhunnu”

I read some reviews; and I foresee some pseudo-concerned people objecting to the language, in particular the liberal use of profanities.
It’s a gangster movie, ok. Here people do not say “Sir, will you be kind enough to tell me where the packet of contraband could possibly be?”

If the scenes between Kaaliyan and his son are ROFL there is an even better one – when the gangsters sit together and discuss about “collecting aunty”

And before I wind up, Yasmin Ponnappa. See the movie to understand why she deserves a special mention.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011


After another, by now routine, first round exit, at yet another Grand Slam, the most over rated, under performing tennis person Ms Sania Mirza has this to say:

"I don't want to do something silly and be out for six months. That's the last thing you need."


You are partly right! Here is my advice
“Do something intelligent. Stop pretending that you can play tennis”

Saturday, June 18, 2011


Move aside Mr. Quentin Tarantino
Right from the first frame, you know you are in for something special!
An Anthony Hopkinesq straitjacketed mom, howling so painfully that it tugs at your heart, suddenly freezes and launches herself on the dividing glass with such controlled aggression- you get goose bumps
From that moment onwards – you prepare yourself for a satanic ride and you are not disappointed.
The dialogues are casual - today’s Gen Y will associate with it easily.
The manic race along the marine drive is sure to set your pulse racing and the slo-mo culmination is executed with élan.
The government clerk at the divorce court is unbelievable - ROFL
The slimy cops, the media savvy commissioner, restrained Khandelwal are all top class.
The background score is FANTASTIC.
Enough has been said about Khoya Khoya Chand.
It deserves all that has been said.
Equally riveting is Pintya Gela
The movie is intelligent and it assumes a certain level of intelligence from the viewers. It is bound to be an also ran in the commercial success criterion – the box office.
Dev D threw conventions out of the window and took great liberty in interpreting a classic and this movie is a proof that the director is bold and adventurous. Long live his breed.
The movie starts with “Amy”, hauntingly whispered by her mom, and ends with Kalki declaring that she is “Saira” (the troubled mom)
What poignancy!
Please continue to drink what you were drinking when you made this movie.

PS: India Box Office website says:
Ready is super strong; Bheja Fry 2 opens well: Shaitan is dull: SIGH

Friday, June 17, 2011

The present day achievement of a future artist

My daughter made it to this college of her choice today.
I learnt that they have 150 seats for this 4 year / 8 semester course.
The much hyped JEE ends up selecting some 8000 students across the nation.
And if someone clears the JEE, it is celebration time.
Simple mathematics tells me this is 50 times tougher!
So here I am deliriously celebrating my daughter’s achievement.

PS: I wish I had her clarity when I was her age!

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Train of Life

Saw this movie a few days back.
So many ROFL scenes, all in the constant background of the horror, mercifully left only to imagination.
And finally when the movie ends, you are left wondering WTF
A brilliant, teasing movie.
Strongly recommended.

Train of Life

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Mr. Federer, Please retire

The routine of a small tug at his shorts, releasing it from the crack of his ass, a swipe of his nose, brushing strands of hair around his ears, a small pat on his right thigh followed by murdering the guy on the other side continued unerringly.

It was a mismatch anyway.

On one side was a fencer, artistically delivering the final plunge of the lance, feather dropping those delectable drop shots that just clear the net, majestically swatting a single handed cross court winner.

On the other was a sledgehammer. Not for him the niceties of finesse. He was trained to smash a mosquito with a boulder.

The old nemesis of unforced errors caught up with Federer once again. How can you call them unforced? When someone like Nadal is prowling on the other side of the net, everything is forced. You should be lucky not to be thrashed 6-0 in every set.

5-2 up and playing on a set point in the first set. It could be understood if nerves lost that occasion. Then when one loses the plot while serving for the set to close the first set 6-3, what else can be the result.

The second glimmer occurred at the start of the fourth set when Federer had three break points to open the set with a break. Coming on the top of the third set win, it could have gained a huge psychological edge and stretched the contest (?) to a potential 5 setter.

Mr. Federer, you have nothing left to prove. The more you try to improve your record against this incredible guy the more your other records lose their glitter.

I have chewed up all my 10 fingernails. Who is going to pay for 10 band-aids?

Thankfully he did not cry at the end of the match or at the presentation ceremony.

Thank God for minor mercies.