Saturday, June 18, 2011


Move aside Mr. Quentin Tarantino
Right from the first frame, you know you are in for something special!
An Anthony Hopkinesq straitjacketed mom, howling so painfully that it tugs at your heart, suddenly freezes and launches herself on the dividing glass with such controlled aggression- you get goose bumps
From that moment onwards – you prepare yourself for a satanic ride and you are not disappointed.
The dialogues are casual - today’s Gen Y will associate with it easily.
The manic race along the marine drive is sure to set your pulse racing and the slo-mo culmination is executed with élan.
The government clerk at the divorce court is unbelievable - ROFL
The slimy cops, the media savvy commissioner, restrained Khandelwal are all top class.
The background score is FANTASTIC.
Enough has been said about Khoya Khoya Chand.
It deserves all that has been said.
Equally riveting is Pintya Gela
The movie is intelligent and it assumes a certain level of intelligence from the viewers. It is bound to be an also ran in the commercial success criterion – the box office.
Dev D threw conventions out of the window and took great liberty in interpreting a classic and this movie is a proof that the director is bold and adventurous. Long live his breed.
The movie starts with “Amy”, hauntingly whispered by her mom, and ends with Kalki declaring that she is “Saira” (the troubled mom)
What poignancy!
Please continue to drink what you were drinking when you made this movie.

PS: India Box Office website says:
Ready is super strong; Bheja Fry 2 opens well: Shaitan is dull: SIGH

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