Sunday, June 5, 2011

Mr. Federer, Please retire

The routine of a small tug at his shorts, releasing it from the crack of his ass, a swipe of his nose, brushing strands of hair around his ears, a small pat on his right thigh followed by murdering the guy on the other side continued unerringly.

It was a mismatch anyway.

On one side was a fencer, artistically delivering the final plunge of the lance, feather dropping those delectable drop shots that just clear the net, majestically swatting a single handed cross court winner.

On the other was a sledgehammer. Not for him the niceties of finesse. He was trained to smash a mosquito with a boulder.

The old nemesis of unforced errors caught up with Federer once again. How can you call them unforced? When someone like Nadal is prowling on the other side of the net, everything is forced. You should be lucky not to be thrashed 6-0 in every set.

5-2 up and playing on a set point in the first set. It could be understood if nerves lost that occasion. Then when one loses the plot while serving for the set to close the first set 6-3, what else can be the result.

The second glimmer occurred at the start of the fourth set when Federer had three break points to open the set with a break. Coming on the top of the third set win, it could have gained a huge psychological edge and stretched the contest (?) to a potential 5 setter.

Mr. Federer, you have nothing left to prove. The more you try to improve your record against this incredible guy the more your other records lose their glitter.

I have chewed up all my 10 fingernails. Who is going to pay for 10 band-aids?

Thankfully he did not cry at the end of the match or at the presentation ceremony.

Thank God for minor mercies.

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