Saturday, May 28, 2011

Parents Vs Children

You never cease to come across interesting characters at airport.
There was this girl, about 20 years of age, who was on phone talking to her parents.
Make it "trying to talk to".
It was easy to guess what was being said on the other side, I being a parent to a vivacious 18 year old helps.
She is apparently on her maiden trip abroad and like any consceientious TamBrahm , her mother took enough pains to pack papadams and pickles in considerable quantities.
Net result -  her baggage was 7 Kg over weight.
She ended up paying an "obscene amount" (her own words).
(Isn't eavesdropping good fun?)
The parents were busy lecturing her on all the predictable dos and the donts.
Her patience was wearing thin by the minute.
It must be said that she held her composure well.
We struck a conversation soon after.
I asked her my oldest doubt:
"Are children more careless or parents more panic prone?"
Her reply was an eye opener.
She said "We tend to become more careless because of the constant bickering of you guys"
Interesting viewpoint, wouldn't you say?
I recall the Orwell's article about how an effect can become a cause and end up intensifying the original effect.
A very stable and focussed girl (much like my own daughter)
God bless her!

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