Saturday, January 21, 2012

Saturday Snow Rewards

The weather was bleak;
There was snow all around.
Wife and Son chose to bask in the warmth of indoor heater.
I decide to brave the snow and ventured out, with a bottle of water and my beloved D90
The rewards are here.
 life exists in the harshest scenarios
 a pretty desolate sight
 and I took the other path, less trodden but with more rewards
 Puddles Puddles what will we do without them
 Autumn mood in winter
 No comments - I want to see what people think of this and the next one.

 hound in a perfect sense

 this one did not like intrusions
 Stumped, ! ;)
Footprints in the snow of time:)

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  1. The Hound photo and the one before it are simple marvelous.