Sunday, March 11, 2012


Took my son to this place for his skiing.
While he was burning his fat on the slopes I lugged my fat ass around with my D-90
Here are some non-skiing photos.
 amongst all the busy skiiers was this small kid, sliding on his small seat, biding his time.....
 you always find this discarded wheelbarrow
 winter is almost over, but this owner seems well stocked
 inside the cafe

 on the way back

 sorry about this - i still do not understand how to rotate this clockwise by 90 deg

same for this also


  1. Your pictures make great wallpapers for me. Also, you're not able to rotate the last two pics or you're not able to rotate them on the blog?

    1. on the blog. the pics are ok on my PC and even on FB - reg them making nice wallpapers - :)