Friday, October 19, 2012


Will you be able to smile if your daughter, who will turn two in 2 weeks’ time,  had spent the last 18 months in a hospital;
An ICU to be precise.
What is the frame of your mind when you see your colleagues planning on each Friday the weekend activities, when all you have to do is take turns to visit her in the hospital?
How about your son, who knows that he has a sister, but is not allowed to meet her and also has to sacrifice all those weekend getaways due to your hospital routine?
Do you feel envy when your daughter has made four helicopter trips to Prague while you, all of 42, have not even stepped into one?
Girls her age suffer once when their ears are pierced; she has a constant hypodermic on her arm and a tube into her neck!
They say believe in God! Moments like these I feel like saying Fuck You.
But the Father of this girl sports the biggest smile I have ever seen in my life. Says “I have to remain positive – life moves forward”


  1. Life inspires life in strange ways.

  2. Hey, what is the relevance of 4 helicopter trips in this? Does not go along with rest of the material!