Friday, May 29, 2015

Requiem to a friend

In this world that is so uncertain
Only two things are certain!

That you are born one day
And after all that happens in between
You will die one day!

It is never easy to accept parting
More so when it is someone we knew
But it makes sense in accepting
And, with our life, we continue.

It is difficult to believe
That your father decided to leave
This world that is so unpredictable
To another place, maybe, more beautiful!

You still have your mother
Your family that is dear.
Your friends steadfast
And acquaintances that fly past.

You need to chin up
Face the world with one person less!
Believing the rest will team up
And make it easy for you nevertheless!

I know you are a strong person
And trust me - everything happens for a reason

Am not asking you not to cry
But let the tears soon dry
For you have a radiant smile

Let us all enjoy it for a while

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