Thursday, August 27, 2015

Déjà vu

Déjà vu ignited the creative minds to coin new terms
Deja chu                              having seen this chu**** before
Deja brew                           slowly remembering things you did while drunk
The above two I received over whatsapp and other social media
Decided to compile a list
·         Deja who                             your feeling when someone meets you and asks you “guess who I am “
·         Deja kyun                            wondering how did you ever get into this shit in the first place
·         Deja drew                           sure you have seen that painting before, but …………
·         Deja moo                            compulsive image of a big fat cow when you look at some women
·         Deja woe                             impending sense of doom on seeing a person
·         Deja true                             on repeating a lie so often, even you are not sure anymore
·         Deja boo                              on approaching a podium
·         Deja shoo                            feeling of having kicked him/her out before
·         Deja new                             that feeling when you take the special crockery out once per year
·         Deja news                           when the evening news sounds all too familiar
·         Deja view                            when someone explains another one’s view as if it is his/her own
·         Deja mu(µ)                         while struggling with algebra
·         Deja phew                          recalling the last time you escaped this close