Friday, July 8, 2016

The Grim Reaper

Sport is fascinating
There are two sides.
We know right from
The start that one team
Will win.
Can win !

The winner may be decided in
Regular time
Extra time
Or shootouts/ penalties/sudden deaths

The fact remains
At the end there is one winner
Among the two.
Fair enough!

The winner can be A or B
Given their particular form on
A given day!
The weather,
The pitch.
Presence or absence of
A star player,
Dismissals and injuries
Yellow cards and red cards
Or their equivalents!
Time outs , fouls, bad referee
Crowd support
And a million other things.

Throw in all this
Use extreme algorithms
Chart patterns and study trends
At the end of it all
It can still be A or B.
One can never be certain who the
Winner shall be.
And therein lies
The charm.
A fair game
I would say.

Boris Becker in 1985 !
Cameroon in 1990!
Greece in 2004!
Leicester in 2015-2016!

But life …………..

From the day we are born
Nay, conceived
We know there shall be
Only one winner!

So difficult to understand
Impossible to accept

This game called life
Is fascinating, no doubt
But the dices are loaded.
Heavily and unfairly!

Death, will you ever die?

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