Wednesday, October 26, 2016


An old proverb
Suggests that our lives should be
Like water on lotus leaf!

The water droplets skim off the leaf
The leaf remains unaffected by the water.

We are expected to
Live our lives the same way

Anger management suggests the
Same mantra , a bit differently

Events will happen
Let it not affect you
Events are powerless if you
Do not react
Attain nirvana, they say.

Do not react
But put into action
What needs to be done

Worrying does not improve
The situation

Sounds good

But, is it practical?

Is it possible for me to
Remain unmoved

If there is a death in the family.

If I miss my flight.

When my children grow up and move away.

If my bike is stolen.

When I find my friend is diagnosed with cancer.

If Trump becomes president.

When I understand the unspoken words
and the anguish beneath.

When immigrants are mere numbers.

When nations are decimated, in pursuit of oil.

I see merit in

Lotus leaf

And I try with
All my might to practice

But at times I question if
This is truly the panacea

And the more I question
The more restless I become

And I realize I am not
Supposed to react
So I try to be the lotus leaf

And I fail more often
That I would like to

Did I raise a question
Or provide an answer

I am not sure anymore !!

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