Sunday, January 1, 2017



Trust all, few will disappoint you, the rest will not

Weak people need support, not ridicule or exploitation

Only the strong can apologise and say sorry, so be strong like that.

Treat everyone with respect

Hold no grudges

Observe without judgment (courtesy J Krishnamurti)

Underestimate no one; understand before passing opinions.

Smile, it is a simple no cost solution for almost everything

Appreciate the good things, however small

Never compromise

Don’t be a jerk.

Say positive things, criticism should be constructive

Express emotions. “Show no emotions” is balderdash. We are living beings, not Scylla the rock.

V is not for vendetta

Enable others to win. Life is not a race to have one winner. Shared victory is sweeter.

Nurture positive vibes in your children. Let them not lose kindness in the name of competition.

Travel whenever you can, to a new destination. There is no better teacher.

Explain nothing. Explanation is needed where trust is lost. When trust is lost, there is nothing to be gained by explaining. A trust thus regained will be lost again.

Earn for the needs. Not to live like someone else. Not for needless luxuries.

New friends do not mean old friends cease to exist. Friends do not come with a cap on the numbers.

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