Saturday, May 20, 2017

Face The World (Notes for the emerging youth)

Do something funny
Do something stupid
Do something dangerous
But never do something
That you will regret one day!

Tell funny tales
Regale with good jokes
Recommend books that are outrageously hilarious
But never make a joke
At the expense of someone.

Say good about someone
Say nice things, even to a stranger
Say most things with a smile
But never say a word that
Is going to hurt someone.

Live your life with humility
Live your life in continuous awe
Live your life to the full
But never live your life
That is another person’s dream.

When someone talks to you , pay attention.
When someone asks for help, give without hesitation.
When someone criticises you, listen
When things hurt you, don’t hold the tears back, cry
When something makes you happy, celebrate
When you set your heart on something, never rest.
But when someone insults you
Walk away with a smile.

The world owes you nothing.
Don’t sit and fret
You owe the world one thing.

Leave it slightly better than how you found it.


  1. Awesome I thoroughly enjoyed every word u ve expressed. It's beautiful.take care have a lovely day.