Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Dog Story

VΓ½sledek obrΓ‘zku pro lots of dogs

When I was young, which was indeed a long time ago πŸ˜ƒ the name for a dog was Jimmy and a bitch was Rosy.

Johnny was a regular alternative to Jimmy.

For some reason the Indians always felt it necessary to give Christian names to their dogs; even Christians  πŸ˜ƒ

Never understood why.

It was quite ironic to see a timid little Pomeranian to be called Tiger.

And the drifting souls of erstwhile Romans must have all squirmed, rather uncomfortably, whenever an upper middle class housewife bellowed “Caesar” 

A white dog of any breed had to be Snowy.

I know a friend of mine, as weird as they can come, who named his snow white dog “Shadow”

A boss of mine, way back when I started to work, wanted to call his dog after the name of our HR director. It was good he did not get around to getting his dog.

Unconfirmed reports had it that the HR director in question actually had his dog named after our managing director 

The eponymous cartoon serial ended up in many dogs being called Scooby.

A constantly snarling dog had to be named Toffee

A friend’s son had a penchant for typo and named his dog Spyke.

And in every message the dog’s name is misspelt or the phone takes the privilege to autocorrect it.

None can beat my nephew who named his bitch Danny!

The North Indians had a penchant for naming their dogs after their understanding of South Indians, deduced from the mindless wrong stereotyping of South Indians in the name of comedy from films.

Actor Mehmood is singularly responsible for such stupid caricaturing of South Indians in Hindi films.

Rascal and Thambi (younger brother in Tamil) are two such names.

Then there are the rebels and the freaks. A friend calls her dog Isis. Every facebook post of hers is now scrutinized by the CIA, FBI, Interpol and ISIS!

Star wars gave birth to Sidh, Jedi, Vader, Luke and Leia!

The intellectually challenged named their clean coat dogs Fluffy!

Sridevi, the sultry siren of South India, was responsible for many dogs in the late 80s to be named Subramani.

Then there is a small minority of people who name their dogs with proper human names, like Alisha, Ayesha, Wilson.

The geeks name their dogs Google, Chip, Byte…….

The best name I ever liked for a dog was from a film where the old man calls his dog Sabapathy – such an original name from the 1930s.

We as a family decided that our dog would be named Sabapathy after this film, but Europe corrupted my son and when we brought the brown Boxer home, he was named, yes you guess it right, Scooby!

But no story of a dog can ever be complete without narrating this wonderful story. Real life incident. No exaggeration.

The above mentioned sultry siren of South India, Sri Devi was every young man’s muse in the 70s and 80s and the biggest of them all that I knew personally was my brother. One summer evening he took me and a few of my relatives, with lot of commentary about her prized assets, her drop dead looks, her mesmerizing gyrations, her shape, her this, her that, virtually everything about her, to a film featuring her. The film’s name is Bala Nagamma! The film started, and there was Sri Devi sending my brother to heaven with her looks and moves and 12 minutes into the film a magician sends a curse her way, cinematically delivered with a sweeping curve of a magic wand, accompanied by dusts of holy ash and clouds out of nowhere and turns Sri Devi into a ………………….DOG!

Sri Devi is freed at the end of the film by her son, but my brother stormed out of the cinema hall at the 14th minute!


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    1. From Michael madana kama rajan? 😊😊

  2. Yes, sometimes I call Spyke as Skype and vice versa! But I do miss him as well as "Taco" of Mihir.

    1. I know of Taco but could not fit it in the narration

  3. Nicely written.. but Spyke is not a typo..there was a lot of "overthinking" involved. S P and K are mine, priya's and Keya's first name initials. Y is a like a family alphabet.. all our names have a Y somewhere and e just to complete the name. Also, i keep telling people that i live with Tom and Jerry (priya amd keya) so our dog had to be spyke :)

    1. It's a brave man who calls his wife and daughter tom and Jerry on a public forum πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ - but the spyke explanation is interesting - and getting back to your bravery - shall I send the get well flowers to your home or office?

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