Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Right hand on shoulder while the left is delivering the haymaker !

Beware the smiling assassin
For there is no worse kind
The twist of the knife is
Oh! So painful
When the hand belongs to a friend!

Betrayal by an enemy
Is a contradiction in term!
Knowing this well, surprised are we still
When the killer blow comes
From the hands of a friend!

Et tu Brute!
Would not have been
A gut wrenching cry
If Brutus were to be an enemy!

The cry and its anguish
Stemmed not from the
Fatal stab, but, that it came
From the hands of a friend!

It is known that chemo
Is as painful as cancer
So is looking for a reason
When the hand that delivered
The killer blow belongs to
The hands of a friend!

Find the reason
You are left disillusioned!

Don’t find the reason
You are left miserable!

Can’t find the reason
You are left confused!

Won’t find the reason
You are blinded!
By the misplaced, undeserved love.

Catch word in
Unravelling this shamble is
Reason, the why of it and not the how!

Take the R out
And you see that
Your erstwhile friend is now a
Fiend !!

So, when reason
Takes leave, as it often does
For reasons unknown (😄)
Make sure that the
Burden of carrying the cross
Belongs, not to you, but to

The hands of your fiend.

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