Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Till death do us part

Couples who do not love each other are abnormal.

Couples who do not fight are even more abnormal.

We love, we fight;

We laugh, we cry;

We argue, we agree;

We splurge, we scrounge;

One likes music, the other reads;

One likes outdoors, the other is stretched on the sofa;

One likes the sunlight, the other has vampire blood;

One is hooked onto movies, the other sleeps the moment the lights dim;

One likes women, the other likes men;

Who likes who could make a marriage more interesting.


We begin by being physically attracted to each other.

Then we learn to love each other.

We can’t stand separation, however small.

We delight in small pleasures.

We bask in important achievements.

We earn

We save

We own

We grow

We settle

We stabilise.

We become parents.

We struggle to understand our children.

We understand our parents better through our children.

On many things we disagree.

We all pass through a phase where everything that was once attractive, is now a matter of dislike.

What made you smile now makes you scorn.

The surface is scratched, and what you find underneath is not what you expected to see.

Then, as fog clears with rising sun, this phase also passes by.

The cracks heal, the scratches disappear.

You learn to accept and not be judgemental.

In the end

In the long run 

The marriage that is successful is the one 

In which the two learn to know how to respect each other.

Dedicated to two of the best couples that I have been blessed to get associated with who celebrate their anniversaries in the coming week.

Happy anniversary my friends.

Being the private people that they are, I shall not name them.


  1. True that.. Beautifully written

    1. Thanks - and will the anonymous remain anonymous - like V said to Evy "the paradox of asking a masked man who you are "

  2. reading the blog late . Thanks for the mention and truely the writer is getting closer to be among the best. time for a full fleged book again?