Saturday, February 10, 2018

Take care of ordinary things

Is there a greater pleasure than
Eating sweets when you have diabetes
Consuming food that your doctor had forbidden
Getting the last ticket to a show
Being the first to arrive in a cinema hall
Tricking your daughter into watching “The Shining”
Smelling the pages of a new book
Discussing books you had read with another person of similar interest
Discovering new authors
Watching episodes of Just for laughs gags
Watching people huffing and puffing on their way up when you are getting down from a peak
Watching drunk people while they think they are sober 
Catching the expression of people when they receive your surprise
Watching The Life Is Beautiful
Installing a gadget and starting it for the first time
And when it works the first time around !!
A simple meal at home after weeks of travel
Watching this ad
  • I have been one of those three friends on many occasions 😊

Having your face licked by your dog.
Striking out an item from your bucket list
Listening to the baritone of Morgan Freeman
Listening to Harry Belafonte live at Carnegie Hall on a long drive 
Enjoying a song in a language that you don’t understand 
Attending a concert where your friend plays
A beer after your lawn is mowed
“Across the universe” playing on your system before you go to sleep.