Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Prague - a city of thousand spires !

 this was mother and son at the tram station. while laughter is not rare, this moment was indeed as candid as it can get.
 of all the things in the world the least i expected was a waiter at VIVA to flaunt a hindi tattoo - on the way to Prague
 RIP MR Havel :(
 i liked the order of age in the faces
 the nation paid its homage
 and a solitary rose almost lost in the background of the thousands of homage candles
 the mesmerising astronomical clock - still functioning - and so much detail
 i still do not know what it means - but the arrangement was arresting
 there are 8 such figurines around the clock
 on the stroke of every hour the windows open , the revolving statues appear. followed by the rooster's crowing and the blow of a trumpet by a guy from atop the tower
 looked as if ameya was carrying the huge tree :)
 ivy on the wall is always good enough for a snap
 view from the top - reminded me of Sighisoara
 the castle
 another view
 only way the twin towers could be framed at level was from the top of the tower
 ameya gets easily bored inside a cathedral or a basilica or a museum or a monument or a.... or a .....
 what the .... seems to be on his mind
 a sample of countless stained glass
 the interior of the cathedral
 a brief sunshine and the birds took flight
 what is a big city without graffiti
 the castle at dusk
 blessing look
how can a woman not pray inside a place of worship
 the well known lennon wall
 crystal shop with hand cut crystals - the price tag is prohibitive - but a snap is for free
 my fav snap for two reasons - kafka's house and ameya's look
just another window along the golden lane, or is it?
a tiring three days but excellently fulfilling. a wonderful city that must be on a must see list of everybody.


  1. Very good pictures.Loved the cathedral shot.And of course the Kafka one. Also the Lennon wall. And Ameya's reflective look.Ha ha.Go to Prague I will, someday, but for the moment, your pictures satisfy me.

  2. Mr.V - you had me guessing for a while - now i know this is 139 - i smile easy

  3. brilliant places and equally brilliant photos