Saturday, December 10, 2011


Can a 6 km long walk take 100 minutes?
It did when we climbed the Pustevni mountain.
My wife and my son took the winch and were at the destination earlier and less tired.
But isn't half the fun is in reaching?
Boy! It was tiring and energy sapping but it was also exhilarating.
I took the winch on the way back to save time as light was fading and was shit scared
Next time I will climb up and climb down. I will not use that blasted winch under any condition.
Some photos with my comments.

1. Light often plays some wonderful tricks on the eye!

you dont hear a tree fall in the forest

natural anchoring

winter gives you visibility

orange sky

orange sky II

the smoker is below the snow :)


  1. beautiful photos, some candid are realy great !!!!

  2. thanks radu - we must visit this place

  3. love the pics. the climb is most fun. screw winches.