Thursday, June 16, 2016

A Good Day !

The first thing I noticed when I woke up was my dog sleeping peacefully with its head on my calf.
Sometime during the night he must have crawled into his favourite position.
Managed to snuggle inside my duvet too!

Looked out of the window and saw the lush green forest with bright sunshine.
Too picture perfect to describe in mere words.

The coffee was perfect, more perfect than any possible coffee, as it was served with a smile that only my dear wife could produce, when she wants to ;)
Could hear my son sing in his bath!
My daughter sprang a surprise with her latest painting.

The traffic was light, thanks to living in a village and entering your office before the city begins!
The day at work was manageable as usual.
A colleague had her birthday, another had his daughter graduating, yet another was planning his vacation!
One brought a cake he had baked the previous night, swelling with pride! His first baking!!
Another had pictures on his mobile, of his latest bike, rattling off terms like number of gears, wheel dia in inches, suspension systems, gel padded seats…..

Lunch was as unpredictable as ever, with food from seven different homes (and countries !) laid on the table, albeit as delicious as ever.

Evening was consumed with a short burst of biking, tilling the garden and watering the plants.
Early dinner, retire to the cozy corner with Charles Bukowski and scream your throat dry watching Italy dismember Belgium.

Wife attending to one of her indescribable but inevitable acts of household,
Son busy moulding a hand out of POP
Daughter outlining a sketch of her next work; it appeared more like a horse with its head perched on its hind knees, and its tail originating from its belly walking on a bridge with a river flowing above the bridge and grass that was taller than the horse and a rider wearing a looking glass tie

She must have been listening to Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds in the afternoon :)

Went to bed to find that my dog had already cemented its position.
He was kind enough to move a micron to accommodate me!

As my head hit the pillow I realized that it is possible to have a good day

If I

Do not read the newspaper


Watch the news!

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