Tuesday, June 28, 2016

English Vinglish !

Why do we “beg” to differ and also to seek a pardon ?

Why is one “afraid” to not agree as well as not to understand?

What if you put the “ball in my court” and I am not playing?

Why does one “beat around a bush” and not a tree or garden?

Can one “cross a bridge” before coming to it?

Where do I “put the other eggs” if I have only one basket?

Why does one “hit” the nail and also the sack?

Why I have to “jump” on the bandwagon, what if I have a bad knee? Can I just get on?

If I “let the cat out of the bag” will it let the “sleeping dog lie”?

If I “kill two birds with one stone”, what do I do with the second stone?

Why is it not “whole ten yards”? don’t we follow a decimal system?

Is there a “method to my madness” if I purposely “miss the boat”?

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