Saturday, August 27, 2016

Enjoy your meal

A small cup of salad

A plastic cup of water. If you can open it without spilling its contents you are already qualified for the tightrope walk in the next Olympics.

Another small cup of dessert, impossible to break with the spoon, but once broken into, is guaranteed to drip all over you.

A piece of bread, crust stronger than Scylla, but the interior is made of indescribable form promised to send a spray of dust in the near vicinity.

A piping hot casserole with contents totally inedible.

Sparkling pieces of stainless cutlery; knife, fork and a spoon.

A chocolate, of the wrapper kind and a toothpick to close it out.

Optional beer, wine or a drink of your choice.

If you can place all this in an area that is roughly 0.02 square meters, you are ready for a long distance flight.

To raise the difficulty level, you have to do it with two other people sitting on either side of you doing the same.

Welcome aboard.

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