Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Restraining Order

In his seminal work on Adolf Hitler, William L Shirer expresses his surprise that the world was shocked when Hitler started unleashing his evil genius. It was not that the world was not warned. Hitler spelled out every single act, to the last minutest detail, in his book Main Kampf.  And once he reached power he systematically and systemically implemented his plans one step at a time. The mistake was with the world that did not take him seriously. The world expected that those were empty boasts and ravings of a megalomaniac which they expected would either die down on acquiring power or would tone down on application of rationality.

The world made one mistake. It judged Hitler to be a rational man. It did not understand that here was a man possessed by his opinions and who was "hell bent" (unfortunate use of an apt phrase) on implementing his strategy with a ruthless and cold clinical fashion.

The rest was history.

That cost the world decades of setbacks, billions of dollars in money, and millions of lives, lost either on the war front or simply brutally extinguished  with no compassion.

History has a perverted knack to repeat itself.

Invariable aided by morons.

Majority of the US of A citizens who turned out to vote had decided to elect an imbecile who
  1. Promised to build a wall isolating his nation from Mexico
  2. Boasted about grabbing women by their pussy
  3. Suggested use of Nukes to settle issues  Quote : “beat the shit out of them” Unquote:
  4. Has promised “within hours of entering the office 11 million will be deported”
  5. Has threatened his rival that he would appoint a special prosecutor and imprison her (judgment already delivered, the prosecutor part is just a road show)
  6. Wants to ban entry of Muslims into US of A
  7. Is against abortion

The above list is not exhaustive. It is , at the risk of a cliché, just the tip of the iceberg.

He is uncouth, temperamental, a liar and, if I can say aloud what the world is afraid to say, STARK RAVING MAD.

I have two children; one in her early twenties. The other in the end of his teens.
They have dreams, ambitions, aspirations and plans.

As I write this I have no guarantee that their lives would not be extinguished by this madman with his finger on the nuke button.

When threatened by an individual and if there is ample evidence of a threat to life or grievous bodily harm to me or members of my family, it is possible for me to have a restraining order issued against an individual by a court of law.

So that my family and I are safe from this menace.

I would like to file a restraining order on Donald Trump to safeguard my family.

I would like my daughter and son to die when they have to die, not because some idiot pushed a button.

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