Saturday, November 26, 2016

Thank you Rene and Albert

Everything I needed to learn in my life, I learned from reading the Asterix. Here is what the characters taught me in my life

Asterix : To be the steadfast hero. Size does not matter. Don’t get intimidated.

Obelix: That what friendship should be. Not to get overawed by an abundance of intelligence and power around you. Being simple has its own merit. There is always a simpler way (at times not exactly “proper”) to get things done. Probably father of the KISS philosophy. (Keep It Simple & Stupid)

Dogmatix : To have a simple dogma in life and hold on to it. Probably the world’s first green dog. Be an environmentalist.

Getafix : That there is always a simple concoction available to fix anything under the sun, be it a broken heart (even that of Obelix ) or a magic potion!

Vitalstatistix : That the chief should rely on data and not by perceptions (ok, ok, sky falling on his head can be bracketed as superstition )

The shield bearers : Unnamed. That one should go around doing his duty without shouting from the roof top.

Cacofonix : That you are always a gifted musician. Even if the world around you can’t appreciate it.  Sing when your heart commands. Maybe you are ahead of your time! You will always find your Pepe!!

Geriatrix : That age is just a number. If your heart is willing anything is possible…………

Fulliautomatix : That one should not ignore a good physical condition. The only character who looks fit in the whole village. Also as the name suggests, to be prepared for a future full of gadgets.

Tragicomix : That falling in love will lead to complications and at times can put your best friends to greater lengths of trouble to rescue you.

Instantmix : Probably the father of two-minute noodles concept. Taught me how to keep my kitchen always full during my bachelor days.

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