Thursday, July 14, 2011

It would have been very funny if it were not so sad....

  1. The government will do everything in its power to prevent such attacks - Dr Manmohan Singh
  2. Be relentless in pursuit of the perpetrators and bring them quickly to justice - Same Joker
  3. ( The hysterical laughter you hear is from one Mr Kasab)
  4. The blasts are unfortunate - discovery by P. Chidambaram.
  5. We had no intelligence reports, they worked clandestinely - Same discoverer as above
  6. 99% of the attacks are prevented - Statistical (Self Appointed) Genius - Rahul Gandhi
My friends Mr Aditya Dalvi has this recommendation:
"Our leaders, of all levels should be stripped of any security privilege. They'll soon figure out a way to make India secure."
I second that.

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