Thursday, July 7, 2011

Why parting can not be simple…….

Is it already close to three years?

Is it possible to develop bonds that run this deep in such a short time?

Is it possible that your departure will make a grown up, stable man, cry?

Is it possible that a woman, who needs a translator to communicate to you, can still cook an Indian lunch for you on your last day, and break down when you kiss her goodbye?

Is it possible for the girl at the café to miss you?

Is it possible for your secretary to refuse to accept that you are leaving?

Is it possible for you not to cry in front of them?

The answer to all the f****** questions above is YES

The only clarification I need to provide is for the last question – I cried at home, alone!

Bye Hunedoara! You will be missed, dearly.

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