Friday, September 16, 2016

Alphabet Of Life

Acknowledge a good effort

Be kind

Cascade good vibes

Demonstrate civility

Educate your children on manners

Fight not, whatever the provocation

Gossip not

Harbour no hate

Initiate a positive conversation

Joke not at someone’s expense

Kindle curiosity in a child

Listen without interrupting

Mind your business

Negate negativity

Observe without bias

Practice pertinacity

Quell spite

Remain consistent

Show compassion

Treat everyone  the same

Understand before concluding

Value a friend

Walk barefoot on wet grass


This is the alphabet of life
None of this needs money

It is hence a mystery
That we spend a large part of our life
Chasing money

Also most would have pointed out
By now that Y and Z are missing !!

This is another mystery to me
24 does not count
But the two missed ones
Garner all attention.

So it is in life
We are so busy counting
What is missing
We miss the time to
Cherish what we have!

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