Sunday, September 18, 2016


I am annoyed when I face anger
And I am scared when I face fear

I weep when I face sadness
And I laugh when I face happiness

I show my displeasure when I face disgust
And I exclaim when I face surprise

I am restless in the face of aggression
And I am nervous when I face anxiety

I am sad in times of depression
And I vacillate when I face doubt

I am delirious in ecstasy
And I fidget in embarrassment

I am helpless in frustration
And I am speechless in gratitude

I cry in times of grief
And I cringe in shame

I am ashamed when I give in to hatred
And I blossom in hope

I cower in horror

I feel bliss in love
And melancholic in loneliness

I wallow in pity
And I feel miserable on seeing suffering

I feel elated in victory

I feel therefore I live

What do I do
When the world advises me
Not to be emotional!!!!

Should I be the Scylla or just this simple fella?

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