Tuesday, September 6, 2016


Roman emperors are usually known for all the wrong reasons.

Excess of wine, women, debauchery and the likes.

Last week I was watching Tiberius' Leadership with a young boy.

This being a scene very close to my heart I was explaining the subtle qualities of a great emperor to the young lad.

Much to my delight he liked them as much as I did. The whole film is a treat anyway.

Watch from 02.00 minutes

How he stretches the hand for the baton, and just raises his eyebrow when the aide places the baton on a cushion a few centimeters away from the emperor.

And how the aide corrects it with just the right amount of concern on his countenance.

And later when he nonchalantly asks

Who is this man, riding beside you?

The counsel answers "He saved my life"

"Is that all you know of him ?" - all while surveying the crowd with a devious grin and not even looking at the counsel.

Top class. I do not recall all the Oscars awarded to the film, but I would have given this actor an Oscar for this part alone!

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