Friday, December 16, 2016

I am rich - I have a friend.

Do you have a friend

Who you think of whenever something good or bad happens to you

Who you can call ANYtime

With whom you can be yourself

With whom you do not have to use phrases like
  • Let me explain….
  • Needless to say…..
  • To be honest with you….
  • I will be frank with you……..
  • We have known each other for so long , so……..

With whom there is no subject that is taboo

Who knows some details about you that NO ONE else knows, not even your siblings, spouse(s)

Who you think of whenever you

  • See a film on friendship
  • Hear a song about a friend

With whom you can cry

Who understands your unspoken words

With whom you have to NEVER explain anything

Who listens to you

Who will cancel ANYTHING and run to you when you need him/her

Who is the first person you think of when you get up

Who is the last person when you hit the bed

Who has not gone from “most called” to “not in contacts”

Who does not judge you

Who TRUSTS you

If you have one such friend
Hold on to him/her
With your dear life.
Don’t let go!