Saturday, December 24, 2016

Letter to Santa

Dear Santa

My niece’s son has been writing letters to you since the last two years and guess what, he is getting what he has been asking for.

I  am almost 52

If I had too started writing from the age of 4, this would be my 47th letter. (Now you know, maths is not my strong point)

As you can see I had never written to you in the past and hence guess that you will be kind enough to grant me my wishes too.

Here is my list:

Give me my grandmother back just for one day; I would like to re-live the pleasure of being woken up by her and to be offered a mouthful of the sweetest, strongest and hottest filter coffee.

Give me my father back just for one day; I had always wanted to have a drink with him, which never materialized with misplaced notions of “proper” behavior that is acceptable to the society!

Take me back to that early morning at the Trichy bus stop when the four brothers were polishing up oily, unhealthy and extremely spicy food from a roadside stall that would fail even the most relaxed hygiene inspection.

Take me back to all those moments where someone had cried because of me so that I could say a sorry and remove those tears.

Go to 1980 and undo John Lennon’s death.

Take me back to that wedding where the family group photo had 67 members.

This much for living in the past.

I am also a conscientious man.

I am asking a few things for the future too.

Make it possible for anyone to travel to any country.

Give me the voice of Morgan Freeman.

Make children visit libraries.

Afflict everyone with incurable happiness.

Convince Justin Bieber to stop singing.

Stop drinking Coca- Cola

I will stop here. Let me see how you perform. My next year’s list will be drafted accordingly.

Footnote: The stocking is hung to the left of the fireplace.


  1. Getting emotional with Santa? We need space and time to figure out what is happening within our own self so 52 is not too late stranger.

    Men have been discouraged from feeling emotional, have been mocked, attacked, and belittled when showing emotions. So when you show emotions, you look so very real. Keep it going, Santa will surely understand and fulfill.

    1. You talking to the guy who ends up crying while watching most films - you need to be a strong man to show emotions and cry -there was an earlier blog on showing emotions - but tha ks for the comment