Wednesday, December 21, 2016

The year that was.

Time for some stock-taking as 2016 winds up.

The easy way would be to list all the disappointments, the travesties and the injustices.

You do not even have to remember all that went amiss, a quick google search on “Disasters of 2016” or “World-shaking events of 2016” is enough.

Even easier you start typing Disa.. and Google prompts and completes it instantly for you!

Two roads diverged in the wood
I took the one less traveled by
And that made all the difference.

So I decided to look back at 2016 and count things I am thankful for.

I am thankful for the following in no particular order:

I am still alive, breathing and reasonably healthy to face another year
(Ok the knees remind me of my age once in a while, no big deal)

My dog survived the trauma of its surgery and is recovering well

My daughter pursues her passion for art
(And sends me project details which make no sense to me – they simply look awesome)

In a hostile environment my son stood firm on his conviction and held a concert to raise fund for the immigrants.

I was on the roof of Africa, yet again.

The world did not annihilate under a mushroom cloud

Usain Bolt demonstrated how staying at the top of your profession for three Olympics can be fun

Mo Farah defined the term “It doesn’t matter how often you fall, you are beaten only if you do not get up” – and get up he did, and went on to bag a gold too!

While Nikki Hamblin showed true sporting spirit by helping a fellow runner get up and ended up losing the race, but won the hearts.

Ambulance driver Alaa Jaleel restored faith in humanity by feeding numerous cats in war-torn Syria!

Leicester made us believe that fairy tales are real.

Strangers continue to smile at me when I offer them a smile

It still costs nothing to be a decent human being

Realized that I have reached an age where I concede my father was right about most things precisely at the same moment when my son realizes that I know nothing.

The forests and wildlife are still around, despite our best efforts in wiping them out.

Found my Muse!

People did not self-immolate themselves nor burnt buses because their chief minister died.

Films like La la Land are still made.

Zinedine Zidane is still out there performing his magic.

Planet Earth 2 is happening!

(On being shown the teaser, a friend of mine was more excited and squealing louder than the Iguana should have been)

For the first time in my life, I ran two half marathons in a year and survived to tell the tale.


  1. in short, a wonderful year and I wish the coming year to be still better :-)

  2. Liked the positivity. And the part about Father-Son-Right-Know nothing - is apt!

  3. :) - did not want it to be a cry baby stuff - like out for post #52 ;)