Sunday, December 18, 2016


Disciple: Master, please define what is love.

Master: Before I even attempt answering your query, let me make a prediction. You will never be able to experience what is love, in your life!

Disciple: Why do you say that master?

Master: Because you are trying to define something that has to be experienced first-hand. By asking for a definition you are creating a contradiction as to what love is. You are trying to bind it within certain boundaries. It is like trying to explain poetry on X and Y axis. See Dead Poets Society if you do not understand this example. 

Love is multifaceted. While I will never be able to explain it, as it is essentially the unexplainable (not inexplicable), let me try to make you understand what it could mean.

First and foremost, contrary to popular belief, you do not need two parties involved to experience love. If you want to experience love, you alone are sufficient. The miseries in this world, in the name of love, are all children of the ill-conceived unrequited love.

It gets complicated the moment you feel that your love must be reciprocated, returned in measure; that your love must be understood, to be explained.

If these are the boundary conditions you draw, then it is not love; it is a trade. I give you something, you return it to me in certain measures. Else, my love turns to indifference, or worse still hatred….

Love is.

Love remains.

Love stands the test of time.

Otherwise, it is not love.

Come to think of it, it could be far easier for me to explain what is NOT love and then you will begin to grasp what love is.
It is NOT
  • Mere affection.
  • Lust.
  • An act of convenience.
  • An obligation.
  • Something to be expressed.
  • Something to be explained.

It is something that one FEELS.

The only test of love is time.

If your love remains undiminished with the passage of time, in fact, it would actually increase over a period of time if it is really love, then it is love.

Carnal considerations will pale off certainly with time.

An act of convenience comes with an expiry date. a deed done, copulation completed, purpose achieved and so on…

And pure love has no distinctions between the living and the inanimate.

One can love a painting, a book, a particular hilltop.

You keep returning to them and your love grows each time you come in contact.

It surely is not a competition. I smile when I, often, hear this question – who do you love more?

What is this – some sort of a game show where you get to decide who the winner is. Love does not discriminate. Love is, and should be, plentiful.

Love does not wallow in jealousy. Love does not seek recognition. Love does not need acceptance. Love does not compare and evaluate.

Love has a start but no end. If it ends, it never was love.

One can love. And no one needs to know. And probably a love of this kind is the purest kind.

On the other hand, the love that no one needs to know is probably love.

If I tell you that you will die tomorrow. Who or what comes to your mind are your love!

Please note I used “are” instead of “is”.

The more your heart can love, the more love you will experience in your life.

And your love will live on…


  1. Good one. Love doesnt require two parties!! Something unique. Loved it.
    Well, if I say 'Loved" does it mean past tense and love has vanished and so it was not love in the first place?

    1. Thanks - tricky question - let me answer as sincerely as possible - if this is going to be something that you will keep coming back to and like it better each time them you may say I love it - if this made good reading and chances are you may not return frequently to cherish it you can say you liked it :)